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Roselyn Maynard

Consortium5 formed in 2005 when its founding members were students at the Royal Academy of Music. They have since established themselves as one of the foremost recorder consorts of their generation, and an ensemble of unique appeal to a wide range of audiences. Founded out of a shared love of consort music and recorders, Consortium5 have performed in Europe and the UK at major festivals and concert series.  In 2010 they recorded their debut album on the Nonclassical Label, voted among the top ten best classical albums of the year by Chicago Time Out. Working with composers has formed a central part of Consortium5′s activity over the past four years, and this album features works commissioned especially for and by the group. A recent review from the influential blog Sequenza21 concludes that the album ‘suggests a new frontier for chamber ensembles’.

Winners of numerous prizes and awards, Consortium5 made their Purcell Room debut in 2009 as part of the Park Lane Group Young Artists Series. In 2007-2009 they were Joan Greenfield Junior Fellows at Trinity College of Music and in 2006 they were awarded the Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award for performance, a prize that allowed them to invest in a set of 10 matching consort instruments.  Equally committed to performance on the concert platform and in the community, Consortium5 spent several years resident on the Live Music Now scheme, and have performed numerous concerts for London based music services, reaching over 7000 children, many of whom had never attended a professional music concert before.

Since forming, Consortium5 have combined historically informed and contemporary performance to great effect in both concerts and educational work. Consortium5 enjoy working closely with composers throughout the composition process and it has been their great delight to discover the fascination these instruments hold for composers and the richness and variety with which their language speaks through the consort. Consortium5 are particularly interested in the bridges that these compositions build; new consorts from the archaic consort form, new works for ancient instruments, a contemporary dimension to the recorder that concentrates without compromise on both its simplicity and its myriad complexities.

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Seldom Sene


Taking its name from the In Nomine compositions by Christopher Tye, this programme charts the rise of instrumental music in England during the 16th century, using the In Nomine form as its central reference. Contrasting works of ethereal lightness and beauty, sombre contemplation and light-hearted gaiety, Consortium5 present a fascinating programme of rarely heard music.

Consortium5 perform this programme on hand-made instruments modelled after a renaissance set by Bassano. From the six foot sub-bass down to the tiny descant, this ten-piece set is designed to be played as a consort, giving enormous varieties of sound, texture and colour. Consortium5 play in the true consort tradition, each player adept with all the instruments and parts, lending a particular fluidity to their ensemble.

Pavan ‘The Funerals’                                                                                            Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)
The King of Denmark’s Galiard                                                                         John Dowland (1563 – 1623)
Coranto ‘Heigh Ho Holiday’                                                                               Anthony Holborne

In Nomine III                                                                                                         Robert Parsons (1535 – 1572)
In Nomine II                                                                                                           John Eglestone
In Nomine I                                                                                                            Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543 – 1588)

Fantasia in F                                                                                                            Giovanni Coperario (1570 – 1626)

Galliard                                                                                                                     Augustine Bassano (? – 1604)
The Honeysuckle                                                                                                  Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)
Galliard                                                                                                                     Anthony Holborne
Coranto                                                                                                                    William Brade (1560 – 1630)

In Nomines:                                                                                                           Christopher Tye (1505 -1572)
Rachel’s Weeping
Weep no more Rachel

Coranto                                                                                                                   William Brade (1560 – 1630)
Mistress Nichols Almand                                                                                John Dowland (1563 – 1626)
The Nightwatch                                                                                                  Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)

The Leaves be Green                                                                                        William Byrd (1540 – 1623)


In Nomines:                                                                                                         Christopher Tye (1505 – 1572)
Saye  So
Re La Re
Farewell My Good One Forever

In Nomine                                                                                                              Edward Gibbons

‘The Image of Melancholy’ Pavan                                                                Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)

Fairie Round                                                                                                         Anthony Holborne

In Nomine                                                                                                              Osbert Parsley
In Nomine: Seldom Sene                                                                                 Christopher Tye (1505 – 1572)
In Nomine II                                                                                                        Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543 – 1588)

In Nomine                                                                                                             William Byrd (1540 – 1623)

Captain Digorie His Galiard                                                                            John Dowland (1563 – 1626)
Nicholas Gryffths His Galliard

In Nomines:                                                                                                          Christopher Tye (1505 – 1572)
Free from All
Howld Fast

The Earle of Essex Galiard                                                                              John Dowland (1563 – 1626)
Mistresse Nichols Almand                                                                             John Dowland
Mr George Whitehead his Almand                                                              John Dowland
Coranta                                                                                                                  William Brade (1560 – 1630)

“Noyses, Sounds and Sweet Ayres…”


With this quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’, Consortium5 invites the audience to join them on an exploration of the hidden treasures of Elizabethan and Jacobean consort repertoire, both from England and contemporary European musical cultures. Discover a delightful wealth of sounds ranging from timeless spirituality to artful counterpoint and the jaunty rhythms of courtly dances.

Resplenduit facies eius                                                           Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548 – 1611)

Two In Nomines:                                                                        Christopher Tye (1505 – 1572)
‘Howld fast’

Fantasia                                                                                        William Lawes (1602 – 1645)
Ayr                                                                                                  William Lawes

Pavan: The Image of Melancholy                                      Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602
Galliard: The Fairie-Round

Canzon super ‘O Nachbar Roland’                                     Samuel Scheidt (1587 – 1654)

Fantasia Upon One Note                                                        Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695)

Oyd, oyd una cosa                                                                     Francesco Guerrero (1528 – 1599)
Amar y no padecer                                                                     Pedro Rimonte (1565 – 1627)
¡O qué nueva!                                                                               Francesco Guerrero

Fantasia No. 3                                                                               John Ward (1589-1638)

The Leaves Be Green                                                                 William Byrd (1539-1623)

Tangled Pipes (1 hour)

Consortium5′s ground breaking programme features all new commissions by composers including Luke Styles, Darren Bloom and Richard Lannoy.  Moving beyond the norm of playing old and recognised repertoire, Consortium5′s Tangled Pipes presents a body of work full of virtuosity, rhythm and beauty.

Chanterelle                                                                                                          Kathryn Butler

Dots                                                                                                                        Kim Ashton

Quintet for 15 Recorders                                                                               Brooks Frederickson

Burmese Picture                                                                                               Brian Inglis

Three Stages                                                                                                       Luke Styles

I (The voice had ceased that told him to go on)
II (Blind to Its Beauty)
III (Then with his pale Eyes he stared down at the earth, but these stations were short lived.)

Tangled Pipes                                                                                                    Richard Lannoy

Consorts                                                                                                              Darren Bloom

Renaissance squared


Myriad influences create music of extraordinary contrast, juxtaposing the enchanting sound worlds of the past with a new exploration of beauty in the present day.

Chanterelle                                                                                                Kathryn Butler

The Leaves be Green                                                                             William Byrd (1540 – 1623)

Quintet for 15 Recorder                                                                      Brooks Frederickson

In Nomine III                                                                                          Robert Parsons (1535 – 1572)
In Nomine II                                                                                            John Eglestone
In Nomine I                                                                                             Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543 – 1588)

Dots                                                                                                              Kim Ashton


Pavan ‘The Funerals’                                                                               Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)
The King of Denmark’s Galiard                                                            John Dowland (1563 – 1623)
Coranto ‘Heigh Ho Holiday’                                                                  Anthony Holborne

(Then with his pale eyes he stared down at the earth.              Luke Styles
But these stations were short lived.)

In Nomines:                                                                                                Christopher Tye (1505 – 1572)
Free from All
Howld Fast

Fantasia no.3 in a 4’30                                                                             John Ward (1589 -1638)

Consorts                                                                                                         Darren Bloom

‘The Image of Melancholy’ Pavan                                                        Anthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)
Fairie Round                                                                                                 Anthony Holborne

Tangled Pipes                                                                                               Richard Lannoy

Canzon super ‘O Nachbar Roland’                                                        Samuel Scheidt (1587 – 1654)


Tangled Pipes
Tangled Pipes

New works by Richard Lannoy, Darren Bloom, Brian Inglis, Kathryn Butler, Luke Styles, Kim Ashton and Brooks Frederickson alongside various remixes

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